Measuring and choosing the perfect watch strap


Determining the perfect watch strap size can be a little daunting, especially if you’ve never bought a replacement watch strap before. Whilst many of our customers at The Strap Tailor are seasoned and often addicted strap purchasers, there are many who would simply like to make a one off purchase to replace their OEM strap on their favourite watch, whatever that might be. First and foremost it’s important to remember that our watch straps can be made in any size and combination, so we can do whatever you wish really, that’s why we offer a bespoke watch strap service.

The easiest way to determine the strap size is to simply google it should you know your watch model. Typically this would be in the form ‘rolex submariner lug width’. You’ll certainly find the answer unless you have a very rare watch in which case keep reading. Lug width is the distance between one lug and the other, this is the distance the the spring bar travels to keep your trap in place – left to right as you look at your watch. This is the most critical of measurements. Once you have the lug width you’re off to a good start. Typically our strap lengths are 120/75 which is a typical or standard strap length and tends to fit the majority of wrist sizes and this is our size for stocked items. Outside of this standard size we will make custom straps in the customers chosen size. You can also measure your lug width using a typical ruler or calipers if you happen to have any.

If you have a strap that fits perfectly it also worth measuring each part of the strap should you wish to make a custom order. The lug width (the distance left to right of the widest part) and then the length of each strap piece. All straps (outside of a NATO watch strap) come in two parts, measure each of these for the respective lengths. Using our standard size example that’s 120mm for the longest part and 75mm for the shortest part (120/75). Now you have a strap made of three dimensions.

You will also hear the word taper used. This is simply the tapering of the strap from the largest to smallest width. We tend to taper our straps because its a much nicer finish and look than a consistent width. So generally speaking we taper from 20mm lug width down to 16mm at the ends and 22mm to 18mm for example. Bespoke you can choose the taper width.

If you’re not clear on what you need specifically please reach out to use via our contact form and we would be more than happy to assist.

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