Premium Nato Watch Straps – Coming Soon!


It’s been a while in the making but I will soon be (by popular demand) launching our range of premium nato watch straps! I’ve always been slightly reticent to stock NATO straps because until now I didn’t feel like they adequately represented by brand in terms of quality. I have personally bought many NATO watch straps but they vary wildly in quality and the hardware is often oversized of flimsy, nothing in between. I wanted to find something with quality hardware and quality material. After working with some good friends of mine I’ve finally sourced a high quality product that suits mine and my customers needs and will fit right in with our other high quality hand made products.

I have road tested my samples for several months now and they are extremely comfortable and highly durable straps. I’ve shared them with friends who love their watches to get their feedback and the comments are nothing short of outstanding. I’m pretty sure you’re all going to like these and I’ve had many requests to stock them, so they’re not far away now. 

The NATO straps should land in the store this side of Xmas but I am just ironing the hardware out with the supplier at present to ensure a good fit and finish and then we’re good to go. Initially I am likely to only stock 20mm being the most popular size but then with a view to stocking 22mm once I get a feel for customers feedback and colour choices.

For those with a genuine interest, the NATO was designed by the British Ministry of Defence back in the 70’s when they were looking to replace the leather watch strap for something more durable but also importantly waterproof….roll up the NATO strap! Originally it was to fit the standard issue chronograph that had fixed springbars but later was used on all manner of military issue watches. I watched a fantastic Hodinkee talking watches the other day with Moki Martin and he goes on to talk a lot about the NATO straps that he’s used of the years on his Tudor military issue watches and how the design is also a sure way of saving your watch should it snag or a springbar break…it’s a great watch (excuse the pun)!  See the video below, it’s rather enchanting and I absolutely love the passion Moki brings to his watches, it’s so amazing to hear these wonderful stories about the history of people’s watches and how they came about them…

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