Watch Art – I’m a certified nerd!

You know you’re an absolute watch nerd when people walk around your house looking at ‘art’ and saying ‘you’re such a nerd…are these watch pictures…’ and yes, they are! I am therefore a certified watch nerd! That’s the thing about watches, when you’re a fan, you’re in deep and that’s me. I collect them, I think about them all the time, I sell them, I make and sell watch straps…and I collect bits of art that I love.

The first piece of watch art that really piqued my interest was from One Hour watch who I started to follow on Instagram (@onehourwatch). His work is just magical. I believe he set out initially to just draw something each and every day within the hour but as per the instagram way this quickly escalated to commissions etc, some from me. Check out his work and you can DM him if you wish to commission something. He’s a great guy and super accommodating. I love his work!

The second artist I really like is Watches & Pencils.

This guy takes watch concepts and turn them into illustrations, a beautiful take on his imagination, see ‘Crown Guards‘ as a great example of this. I again found this guy on instagram and was drawn into his work. I even have one of his screensavers on my phone, another nod to my never ending fascination with all things horology.

‘Crown Guards’ by Watches & Pencils

Finally, my love for Julie Kraulis…now this is another level art! Each of these artists have a place for me, for different reasons but Julie’s art is out of this world. Fine drawing using pencil only to create literally life like drawings with the most incredible level of detail. Sadly as you can image the desire to own her work for many is high and therefore I imagine I will never get to own an original drawing by her, but I can admire from afar. Kudos to anyone who ends up owning one of these fine pieces of art!

‘Rolex Oyster’ by Julie Kraulis

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