Sometimes a watch is just sentimental…


This was a special project for me. I know personally how sentimental something like a piece of jewellery or a watch can be and it was an absolute please to help my customer Siobhan bring her Raymond Weil watch back to life. The plating on the strap had really come away and she wanted a leather strap made so that she could wear it again having spent much time off of the wrist. I was so keen to help make this a reality. It wasn’t plain sailing mind. The original watch strap needed cutting off with a jewellers saw and then the strap required tailoring to fit with some screw in pin bars. A bit of trial and error and we got there in the end. Love the result and so please I could help Siobhan return her fathers gift to its former glory. I hope you’ll agree that the result speaks for itself.

I am also pleased to say that Siobhan sent me some amazing feedback. It’s emails like this that make all of this worthwhile. This brings me the greatest of joy:

Hi David,

I don’t know where to begin, when thank you doesn’t convey what having this watch back and wearable means to me.

You are truly an amazing craftsman, I was never concerned with how long it would take, you inspired me from the moment you said that you could help me re-use a watch that meant so much to me in sentimental terms.

To see it back on my wrist after such a long time has brought back so many wonderful memories of my Dad, I don’t think I’ll be taking it off for some time, except to shower or swim of course !

I’d love to post my comments and the before and after photos on your site somewhere as you deserve the accolades and to be honest if you’d charged me doubled I’d have still been happy !!

Kind regards Siobhan X

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