Quick Release Spring Bar Tools!

So it’s not often I get excited about tools but this is worth getting excited about. For my customers who already ask for it then I already add quick release bars to watch straps when they’re being made but it’s difficult and time consuming to add them after the fact, i.e. when fully made. Well, the wait is over!

This is the Bergeon Quick Release tool and it’s a thing of dreams. What used to take 30 minutes now is a complete breeze. Simply place the strap on the pin, do up the screw and punch with the pliers. Easy as that.

£380. Yes, you heard that correctly. This thing is by no means cheap but it’s an absolute dream and to me it’s worth every penny in time saved.

Also worth noting that if you’d like quick release bars added to an old strap then simply drop me an email (info@thestraptailor.com) and I would be happy to assist. Turn all of your old straps in to quick release straps!

I doubt anyone can get as excited as I over this but simply this is my best tool purchase yet. Thank you to Bergeon for their ever gorgeous engineering and finish. This is really a joy to see and use.

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