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Lookbook #2

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

One of the most coveted and legendary watches in the world, it needs no further introduction!


How does one introduce the Omega Speedmaster, like it needs any introduction at all? This is quite possibly one of the most iconic wrist watches of all time!

The Omega Speedmaster is a legendary wristwatch that has solidified its place in horological history as an iconic timepiece. Originally introduced in 1957 as a part of Omega's Professional collection, the Speedmaster gained global recognition for being the first watch worn on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. This extraordinary achievement has forever linked the Speedmaster with space exploration and earned it the moniker "Moonwatch."

Renowned for its robust design, precision, and reliability, the Speedmaster features a distinctive chronograph function with a tachymeter scale, making it ideal for measuring elapsed time and calculating speed. Its enduring popularity is not only rooted in its technical prowess but also in its timeless aesthetic appeal, characterized by a classic stainless steel case, bold dial designs, and the signature "panda" or "reverse panda" sub-dial configurations.

Over the years, the Omega Speedmaster has undergone various iterations, celebrating milestones, collaborations, and technological advancements, while consistently embodying the spirit of adventure and exploration. Whether worn by astronauts in space or enthusiasts on Earth, the Omega Speedmaster continues to captivate watch aficionados with its rich heritage and enduring legacy.

Finding the perfect strap pairing

It is safe to say that the Speedmaster is considered a 'strap monster' and I have to agree that this watch can be worn on literally anything from a fabric NATO strap to a top quality ostrich or cordovan watch strap. It can work in a casual or smart setting, just so so versatile. For this lookbook I have tried to cover all of these bases to give you an overview of the watches versatility. I have only used ready to wear stock on these, so all straps are available to order and ship immediately


Black Embossed Crocodile


Badalassi Wax


Ostrich Shin


Horween Chromexcel


Cognac Pueblo


Honey Brown Ostrich Shin


Black Epsom


Chestnut Buttero


Brown Embossed Crocodile

What do you think?

I have to say, this is such a wonderful watch to work with. A classic that will always be at the forefront of many of the worlds collections, the watch that sticks around, that does everything right. I now have one in my collection from my birth year, 1984 - it is here to stay

It would also be remiss of me not to thank Ben @hands_and_bezel for these wonderful photos he sent over to me, they are sublime. I am very blessed to have wonderful customers who do incredible things for me. Ben, I appreciate you!


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