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Spring Bar Tool - Brushed Steel


Size Guide

Lug Width
The lug is where the strap meets the case of the watch and the lug width is the distance between the left and right ‘lugs’. Typically this is in the region of 18-24mm but straps come in all shapes and sizes
Buckle Width
This is the inside measurement of the buckle width where we will attach either your current buckle or a new one. I also supply buckles so I can recommend a taper (from lug to buckle) or use your current sizes
There are two parts to the strap, the long part which has the buckle holes and the short part that has the buckle attached

I need the length of each of these, typically the standard size is 125/70mm which tends to fit the average sized wrist as an example

To measure this the easiest thing to do is measure a strap that you may already have that fits perfectly and send me these, or alternatively measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure or a piece of string to then measure and send me that figure and I can recommend

Please reference the notes below for size appropriate for your wrist

Measuring lug, buckle and length can simply be done with a ruler, but for more accurate measurements I suggest getting some digital calipers online which are very cheap but remarkably helpful if you think you’ll use them again in future. I couldn’t be without mine now!

Bear in mind that the size of the watch head also needs to be taken in to account and deducted from your wrist circumference. Most watch heads are typically 1-1.5″

For a size guide please reference the below and also note that you can simply contact me for any advice at all:

  • 6.1 - 6.5″ wrist (154 – 165mm) = 110/65
  • 6.6 - 7″ wrist (167 – 177mm) = 120/70
  • 7.1 - 7.5″ wrist (180 - 190mm) = 125/75
  • 7.6 - 8″ wrist (193 - 203mm) = 130/80
  • 8.1 – 8.5″ wrist (205 - 215mm) = 135/80
  • 8.6 -9″ wrist (218 – 228mm) = 140/85
  • 9.0+″ wrist (229mm+) = 145/90
Belt Sizing
Take your favourite belt and measure the distance from the base of the buckle where it connects to the leather to your most used hole, in inches

If you do not have a belt to hand simply take the waist size of your favourite jeans and add 2 inches to their waist size

Any concerns please email us to avoid disappointment as our belts are made to order and non refundable

Introducing our new Stainless Steel Springbar tool - ideal as a travel companion or as your trusty go to tool

When I was looking at having these manufacturer there were a few important criteria I wanted to address:

  • Is must be travel size
  • I wish to be able to protect the fork and push pin
  • It must be of excellent quality

I am very used to using Bergeon tools which are excellent in quality and usability and I wanted to ensure I could make a product that had a finish and quality that matched or bettered these tools when I was using them daily and I use them A LOT! And here we are, with our own spring bar tool to meet these requirements

Key features:

  • Screw caps on either end - storing both the fork and push pin
  • Closed caps for travel to ensure no snagging or damage from the pin or fork in your bag or watch case
  • Rubber finger guides to ensure a secure purchase in the fingers when working on your precious watch


1.7mm wide fork

56mm Long (when screwed closed with tools stored away)

82mm fully extended with both tools in situ

19mm diameter

Packaged in a secure plastic case for shipping and storage


1.7mm wide fork

56mm Long (when screwed closed with tools stored away)

82mm fully extended with both tools in situ

19mm diameter

Packaged in a secure plastic case for shipping and storage

Shipping & Returns

Shipping in the UK is FREE and sent 24hr tracked

International shipping varies based on your location and is calculated at checkout. We use DHL Express and DHL Global Mail for international shipments

All import taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

Returns & Warranty - 12 month warranty offered subject to fair wear and tear. Returns can be made within 28 days of receipt. Read more here

Loved by 3,000+ happy customers

Worldwide shipping

Spring Bar Tool - Brushed Steel



Quality to be proud of.

Sourcing the finest leathers and materials has always been at the core of our business. We source leather from all over the world but largely from Europe, England and Japan. We are always on the hunt for new and exciting leathers that are beautiful to us and I hope to you as well.

We do not use skins or hides from animals farmed for their skin alone. All leathers and skins are a bi-product of the meat industry. This is a personal choice and one we are committed to.


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